Inspire, learn and share

When I founded Seal, it was on the idea that as a designer of educational tools I could actually do something to support the ongoing initiatives for maternal and newborn health and survival.

I studied courses in basic surgical skills and also learned about ways in which non-physician clinicians, in some parts of the world, could become an acknowledged and insured part of the healthcare system by adding a period of faculty based training to their often vast real-life experience.

My belief was continuously reinforced as I was guided by a Professor of Global Health at Karolinska Institute here in Stockholm, and by a Leader at the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at the World Health Organization in Geneva. With their help I could also get my designs field-tested.

These generous and open-minded people opened doors to a wonderful community of everyday problem-solving midwives, nurses and surgeons. I found that an educational tool in itself can become a bridge between people of various cultures and how an international standard for the materials used enabled remote and online workshops with comparable results.

I realized, that by designing learning tools that not only met the standards and requirements of international basic surgical skills courses, such as the ones conducted in my hometown, but by also incorporating versatility, durability and cost-efficiency to fit the most challenging settings Seal could contribute to a safer delivery of surgical care and increase quality of life for people anywhere in the world.

Today, I welcome you to let me know where we can introduce and evolve Seal to continue on this path forward. It would be awesome if you mention on related posts so colleagues and friends around the world can be inspired, learn and share.