About us

Seal is a Swedish company specialized in the development of educational tools widely recognized by teaching hospitals and medical device manufacturers and particularly useful in the context of Global Surgery.

“I have met the Founder and the President of Seal, Mr Adam Hager in Sweden and he has also visited WHO Geneva and given a presentation in our department and in some other departments. All who have seen the materials that he has produced are very impressed and believe strongly that they will be very useful in the training of health professionals in Africa as they are already in Sweden.”

Heli Bathija
Area Manager for the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions
Department of Reproductive Health and Research
World Health Organization

As a national secretary for the subcommittee for Basic Surgical Skills I did recommend all our national faculties to use the line of the products from
SEAL AB for the practice of our courses. At the present time, all five national faculties use the products.

Fawzi al-Ayoubi, MD
Attending of Surgery
Secretary of The National subcommittee for Basic Surgical Skills
Swedish Surgical Society


The undersigned has had the opportunity to use and to test various surgery simulation materials produced by SEAL AB Ltd in a number of low-income countries during a couple of years. They are simple to use and in my view appropriately designed for use among both undergraduate medical students and other staff under training to become surgically competent mid-level providers of life-saving skills in countries where there are few faculty-trained physicians. The products are very suitable for the latter category of “non-physician clinicians”.

Staffan Bergström, MD, PhD
Professor of International Health
Senior Consultant (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Division of Global Health (IHCAR)
Karolinska Institutet

"By using these tools for education a more modern, high quality and patient-safe way of performing surgical operations is achieved. Midwives who are appropriately trained are more likely to provide a consistent, high standard of perineal repair.

The instruction manuals and material accompanying the products are didactically well designed and illustrated.

I consider this training material innovative and very useful."

Ann Olsson
Midwife, PhD
Department of Women’s and Children’s Health
Division of Reproductive and Perinatal Health
Karolinska Institute

 “We have been very happy with the quality and the versatility of the trainer, it has been a real advantage that we can cover basically all training needs with this trainer and the equipment that comes with it. In addition to the quality of the product, I have been very satisfied with the service we have received from Seal.”

Petri Elmgren, Marketing Manager
ETHICON Sutures, Nordics

"I have used the SEAL boards as part of Ethicon Ltd. (Johnson & Johnson) Profession Education (Prof Ed) Courses to veterinary surgeons.

I have been highly impressed with the boards; they are easy to set up and allow for very realistic suturing of the linea alba, subcutaneous tissues and skin of the dog and cat. In fact, I was so impressed with the boards, especially when compared with the competition products, that I now request their use at all Ethicon’s Prof Ed Courses at which I am asked to lecture."

Prof Robert N White

Bsc (Hons) BVetMed CertVA DSAS (Soft Tissue) DipECVS MRCVS RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery
European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

"With the material from SEAL we have been able to offer workshops in basic as well as advanced surgical technique. Seal the Pad has been used for training in all kinds of sutures and the Seal Surgical Skills Trainer provides great opportunities for further development in surgical training. Seal provides useful instructions for practice but there are also great opportunities for elaboration.

We believe that our surgical training with the Seal products makes the medical students more confident and more prepared for the operating theater, but also gives a greater interest in surgery.

We highly recommend the Seal products for training in surgical techniques."

Erik Storm
IFMSA Sweden

"The undersigned has had the opportunity to use and to test various surgery simulation materials produced by Seal AB during surgical skills labs conducted by the Ross University School of Medicine Surgery Interest Group (SIG) over the past several years. As Senior Lab Coordinator for Ross SIG, I ordered a new set of surgical skills trainers this year to double our current amount from 8 to 16 products. The products are versatile in their ability to simulate different surgical scenarios and have allowed Ross SIG members to practice many different suturing techniques.

"The surgical skills trainer was very adaptable to the rhomboid flap closure lab and we found this technique to be relevant as it can be used in the repair of facial defects such as a cleft lip and palate."

In addition to being versatile, the products produced by Seal AB are also comprehensive and include materials such as dual-colored knot-tying rope that have been useful to our club in surgical knot-tying labs. The synthetic skin pads included with the products can easily be stacked together and have been useful in the simulation of different tissue layers.

Currently these are the only products that we use in our labs and we have found them to be extremely suitable to medical students interested in developing their surgical skills. It is easy to see how these products could also be useful for more advanced training in a hospital setting, as they can be easily rearranged and are adaptable to many different surgical situations.

The undersigned strongly recommends this line of products to both students and physicians seeking to develop their surgical skills."

"Being located on the Caribbean island of Dominica can often make it difficult to obtain surgical supplies in a timely manner, but we were extremely impressed with the responsiveness of Seal AB and their ability to streamline the ordering and shipping process."

Annika Eveland
Senior Lab Coordinator, Ross Surgery Interest Group
Ross University School of Medicine
Island of Dominica & USA

“ In my capacity as Project Manager at Business Sweden, I worked with Adam Hager, Managing Director of SEAL AB and later President of SEAL's subsidiary, Hager Medical Education, Inc.

My main role was in supporting their entry into the U.S. market, a task that can prove challenging to many Swedish enterprises.

In my experience interacting with Adam and the SEAL team, I was impressed by their efficiency, drive, and motivation at meeting all the challenges presented by the U.S. market. This included navigating corporate, trademark, and immigration law, adjusting marketing tools, making business decisions for their U.S. firm, and maintaining their existing operations under a highly uncertain market entry experience. 

They proved to be highly adaptive to new challenges and were among the most effective and action-oriented firms I worked with during my more than six years with Business Sweden. Adam kept up a high level of access and constant communication, keeping his finger on the pulse of the process. While market entry is never completely predictable, SEAL, forming Hager, demonstrated an admirable and impressive level of focus on their goals.”

Phil Thompson
Swedish Trade Council

"When our medical education company was looking for equipment to teach student doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants how to suture, we looked everywhere. We tried over a dozen different products and found the blend of quality, accessibility, and affordability hard to manage. We found our perfect match with Seal. Their products are cost-effective, dynamic in their setup, and give us great flexibility in how we can keep our students excited and engaged. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a readily adaptable trainer to consider this excellent product."

Dr. John Russell, DNP
Owner, Skills On Point LLC

Thank you for your interest in Seal.

Seal is a Swedish product development company specialized in the development of innovative educational tools, particularly useful in the context of Global Surgery. Seal® is our internationally registered brand.

Ever since our incorporation we have been providing original and innovative Swedish made surgical skills training models to teaching hospitals, surgeons, midwives, medical students and multi-national medical device manufacturers.

Seal products are carefully designed to facilitate evidence based structured surgical training in both high- and low-income settings. 

This means that when you work with our multi-functional products you are using professional and durable tools while consumables are also economic and reusable and that the functionality is in line with faculty expectations.

We also take into primary consideration the practical aspects of running a course, like simplifying the transport, minimizing storage and shortening set-up times. And while the products are built to last, components and consumables are often interchangeable, some parts serviceable and many parts replaceable.

At the time Seal was founded, setting up and maintaining the practical aspects of a typical basic surgical skills course many times involved several active surgeons and a number of their equally resourceful colleagues working for days with practical preparations, like building, sourcing or figuring out how to best use diverse anatomical models in order to achieve comparable results. 

While it was a very inspiring learning experience for me personally to take part of these rituals and it appeared to be exceptional faculty quality time it was clearly still basically an abundance of overqualified people doing this particular part of the job. So, as a designer and product developer, that was the job I took on.

At Seal we have since spent the next fifteen years inventing, providing and refining our solutions to make these aspects of medical education more efficient. This has been done in close collaboration with leading educators in each field and under medical guidance from key people evaluating and maintaining the evidence based curriculum at their respective organizations. 

Today I am happy to present Seals full line of training models covering a good part of the pre-, during- and after-course needs. And as a result of this simplification and standardization process, anyone can travel anywhere with just one Seal Mobile Surgical Skills Lab and in just 30 minutes set up a course in basic surgical skills for 16 students. 

I hope you will benefit from using our training models and I welcome you to return to me if I can be of further service in any way. Please contact us through the below contact form.

Kind regards

Adam Hager
Founder, Designer
International Sales
Seal AB, Sweden

Adam Hager Seal Ab