Seal the Pad Suture Pad
Brown color suture pad
Included Seal the Pad
Seal® the Pad quality suture pad
Beige or sand color suture pad
Seal the Pad Suture Pad
Seal the Pad Suture Pad
Seal the Pad Suture Pad


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Seal® the Pad is a portable quality training model, priced to fit the budget of any student, lecturer or organization. The reusable skin pads offer an in-depth repetitive suturing application through up to four layers or two separate setups with darker and lighter skin tones. 

  • Suture on multiple layers
  • Cut, patch and suture on bands
  • Re-arrange materials for different applications

Seal® the Pad Includes suture pads that are of the same quality as required in standardized basic surgical skills courses and widely recognized around the world. The rubber bands, which wrap around the model, can be sutured on, dissected and patched when a more delicate tissue is required.

The bands also serve as friction feet and make the box stick and stay onto any smooth and clean surface or when you want to attach it to a heavy object, like a book.

Seal® the Pad Includes:
4 suture pads
4 rubber bands
1 sponge
1 insert

Size mm ca. 210 x 135 x 35 / inch 8.3 x 5.3 x 1.4.
Net Weight 240 gram / 8.4 ounce. 

US and European Patents apply. Design by Adam Hager Sweden.